5 Tips To Get Published in a Journal

We know you want to be published, and we know it can be daunting. So we, New Plains Review, present to you a brief list of precautionary measures you should take before submitting your work to anywhere. (But primarily to us, right?)

1. Research the journal itself
Every journal has a specific form and style. You want to make sure you’re submitting to the right kind of journal for your work.


2. Read the Directions
READ THE DIRECTIONS. I can’t say it enough. It seems so simple, yet people fail to do it every year. Every journal has a specific set of guidelines for submitted work. If they require a 3-poem limit and you submit 10 poems, you run the risk of your submission being thrown out just for not following the rules.


3. Read past issues
Reading past issues will better help you understand what they are looking for. While every piece is unique, you will notice an overall cohesive style in each journal.


4. Make sure the grammar and formatting is flawless
This is SO important! Before submitting your work, double-check that every single comma is in place before you click submit. It’s easy to overlook small errors as the writer, so make sure to have someone else look over it. Once you feel like it is perfect, read it one more time. If you want your submission to be taken seriously, take your work seriously.


5. Don’t be discouraged if your work is not selected
Again, every journal has a specific style. Your work may just not be what they’re looking for this year. Just because your submission wasn’t selected by one publication, doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for something else. Try, try again!


We hope that these tips are a big help for your publishing adventures!

Anna Dore
Anna Dore
Managing/Blog Editor at New Plains Review

Managing Editor and Blog Editor for The New Plains Review.

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